Treble activates Captain’s Run and War Room Experience for Cell C

On Friday, 7 May, Club Newlands invited their valued sponsor, Cell C, to the inner sanctum of the DHL Stormers, before their big game against the Brumbies at DHL Newlands.

Cell C and their guests were invited to enjoy a unique occasion that is only available to a few very special people.

They attended the DHL Stormers Captain’s Run. This is the final team training session, normally held a day before kick-off. It is held behind closed doors – not open to the public, nor the media. The Captain decides which specific drills he would like to finesse, while the coaching staff simply looks in, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Chippie, the DHL Stormers team manager, made a special appearance and gave the esteemed guests insight into what truly happens behind the scenes when managing a rugby team.

Thereafter, they were invited to join the DHL Stormers War Room experience. This is a unique opportunity where the DHL Stormers head coach, Allister Coetzee, takes you through his thoughts before the big game, and takes the time to give you insight into his plans for such a major game.

We would like to thank Cell C for their continued support of Club Newlands, and we sincerely hope that they enjoyed this incredible and unique experience.