HSBC CT Sevens cancelled due to COVID-19

The popular HSBC Cape Town Sevens tournament, which was scheduled to take place from 10-12 December this year, has been called off due to ongoing challenges caused by the COVID-pandemic.

World Rugby and SA Rugby announced on Friday that the Cape Town leg of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, as well as the tournament in Singapore, planned for 29-30 October, have been cancelled.

“We highly regret that we had to cancel the Cape Town Sevens for a second successive season, but unfortunately the situation with the pandemic has made it impossible for us to stage the world-class event we’ve become used to in recent years,” said Jurie Roux, CEO of SA Rugby.

“There were simply too many insurmountable challenges, in the ever-changing environment we are currently operating in, to allow us to predictably plan for an event of this magnitude.

“Due to COVID travel restrictions, several major teams had already indicated that they would not be able to travel to Cape Town in December, which further complicated our planning.

“In conjunction with World Rugby, we had no other choice than to take this very disappointing but necessary decision, with the health and welfare of players, fans and the wider public as top priority. However, we are hard at work to deliver a world-class Rugby World Cup Sevens in September next year.”

On a positive note, a very busy and exciting year is already in the planning stages for 2022, with the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, which will be announced later this month, followed by the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on 29-31 July, and concluding with the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Cape Town on 9-11 September.

Following constructive discussions, it has been agreed that Sydney, Australia and Hamilton, New Zealand, will not be part of the schedule in 2022 due to the ongoing travel and logistical challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in this region. Advanced discussions are ongoing towards replacement hosts for these events in the 2022 Series.

Given the unique circumstances of the pandemic, there will be no relegation from the 2021 Series and the results will not contribute towards seedings for any other future events.

World Rugby Chief Executive Alan Gilpin said: “The Olympic Games in Tokyo once again showcased the very best of rugby sevens to a huge global audience as the sport’s fast-paced, action-packed style thrilled fans watching around the globe.

“We now look ahead to the return of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series with the upcoming events in Canada and what promises to be a very busy and exciting year for the sport in 2022 with the Series, which will kick off in Dubai, followed by the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and climaxing with Rugby World Cup Sevens in Cape Town.

Our Next Challenge Awaits

As the green and gold glitter settles after the Springboks’ RWC triumph in Japan, the Treble team are busy underway ensuring that the Cape Town leg of the 2019-20 HSBC World Sevens Series will be the best one ever.

It’s exactly one month till we deliver another world-class food & beverage solution, and it’s the final stretch of 2019 for our talented and dedicated team. It’s been an event-filled year, but this one is always close to Treble’s hearts.

The beautiful Mother City will once again welcome the finest Sevens players in the world. But what makes this edition so special is that it’ll be the first time that the world’s top Women in the Sevens arena compete in their own competition.

The ladies’ competition will run alongside selected legs of the 2019-20 HSBC World Sevens Series, with the jewel in the crown coming in the form of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Supporters from across the globe will be in their element in the glorious December sun at the majestic Cape Town Stadium, which is one of the Mother City’s iconic treasures and was shortlisted for the Event of the Year Award during the Stadium Business Summit, which took place in the United Kingdom earlier this year.

The award nomination recognised the host venue and the venue’s management/operational team for delivering an excellent event. The Cape Town Sevens was also been named Best Live Sports Experience in South Africa at the Discovery Sport Industry Awards for the past two years.

Treble Group is honoured to be part of this world-class event. Our operations team successfully delivered an unmatched food and beverage solution for the fourth year in a row in 2018, catering for over 100 000 rugby supporters and 2019 promises to be the best one yet.

Treble shines at the Cape Town Sevens

Treble Group delivered another world-class food & beverage solution at the Cape Town leg of the 2018-19 HSBC World Sevens Series.

The Mother City welcomed the finest sevens players in the world as supporters from across the globe basked in the December sun at the majestic Cape Town Stadium.

The Blitzboks were silenced by a rampant Fiji outfit who were a man down with the scores deadlocked at 12-12 and even the colourful jerseys, which marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of former President Nelson Mandela, could not stop the Islanders’ juggernaut.

South Africa went on to clinch third place, though, with a hard-fought 10-5 win over the old enemy, New Zealand, to give the colourful stream of Blitzboks fans some consolation.

Treble Group is extremely honoured to have been part of this world-class event. Our operations team once again successfully delivered an unmatched food and beverage solution for the fourth year in a row, catering for over 100 000 rugby supporters.

Fifteen bars, 19 food stalls and food trucks manned by our energetic ground staff made sure that everyone at the Cape Town Stadium remained satisfied and hydrated with a wide range of local food and drink options.

We continue our valued partnership with South Africa’s top brewmasters, SAB, to deliver rugby’s staple refreshment at Cape Town 7s. As always, SAB dominated with multiple watering holes, keeping fans topped up with their favourite brew. Our operations team mapped out the logistics with precision, ensuring there was a welcomed lack of long queues.

Treble Group facilitate all of DHL’s various installations. With DHL being the official global logistics partner of the HSBC World Sevens Series, Treble Group provided all the solutions and activate any DHL-related services – including the interactive DHL Fan Zone, which is a highlight for fans at the Cape Town leg of the HSBC World Sevens Series.

Our communications team captured the best-dressed fans who have become the mainstay of Saturday’s festival atmosphere. Our team, the official agency for the Springbok Supporters’ Club media and communications, kept our passionate rugby fans who could not attend up-to-date with the Cape Town 7s vibe.

We are thankful for working with industry greats such as SA Breweries, Spur, Peninsula Beverages, Monster, Kauai and Vida e Caffe as well as the numerous popular food kiosk and food truck providers. We are also exceedingly grateful to SA Rugby for partnering with us at this world-class event and we look forward to counting down to December 2019.


Springbok Supporters Club brings ‘Gees’ to Cape Town Sevens

Cape Town Sevens Tournament held at Cape Town Stadium this past weekend was as much about the fans as it was the rugby.

Springbok Supporter’s Club dispatched a team of ‘gees distributors’, in the form of our Communications Team plus promoters, who took on the task of immersing into the masses at Cape Town Stadium, capturing the crowd in full supporter mode and handing out Springbok trinkets to fans with the best costumes and best supporter’s spirit.

The response on the ground was enthusiastic and the latter echoed through the social media, with all three SSC platforms coming alive during the tournament not only engaging fans attending the Sevens, but also including those who could not be there, giving them the feeling that they were right there on the stands with the other fans.

Springbok Supporter’s Club managed to capture some fantastic shots of rugby lovers in all their glory, dressed in outlandish costumes and injecting spirit into the event.

“The Springbok Supporters Club (SSC) had a presence at the HSBC Cape Town Sevens to engage and interact with supporters who attended the event. Our main aim was to create awareness around the club and to get supporters closer to the action behind the scenes.” –  Kyle Nel – MD, Treble Group on behalf of Springbok Supporters Club

Relive the Cape Town Sevens action by following the Springbok Supporter’s Club social media channels:

Facebook: Springbok Supporter’s Club
Twitter: @Saboksupporter
Instagram: @SAboksupporter

Treble delivers Food & Beverage excellence at Cape Town Sevens

The much-anticipated HSBC World Rugby Sevens Tournament kicked off in the Mother City this weekend, luring thousands of sports fans to Cape Town stadium to show support for their favourite teams.

With nearly 50 000 revellers in one space, Treble Group has taken it in their stride to be the official Food & Beverage logistical facilitator of the tournament for the second year in a row and have scored in every way possible. Drawing from the wealth of expertise within the organisation, as well as the experience drawn from last year’s data.

The Treble logistics and events team have diligently endeavoured the task of ensuring that thousands of rugby supporters at Cape Town Stadium are fed and thirsts are well quenched, whilst providing them with a variety of public food and beverage options.

Retail giants, Food Lovers Market, set up a spacious pop-up store conveniently situated on the outer concourse of the stadium and offered the public hot meals in addition to providing multiple speciality food kiosks, including a sushi bar, around the inner concourse of the stadium.

Brew masters SAB commanded a strong presence, peppering both the inner and outer concourses with watering holes to satiate even the thirstiest of fans. Taking a lesson from last year’s hits and misses, the Treble team mapped out the logistics with military precision and made certain that the points were sufficiently staffed to avoid long queues.

Fans took to social media to express their delight in the turnaround of the food and beverage component of the Sevens tournament, compared to last year’s event.

The overall vision was to give stadium visitors a relaxed, enjoyable and quality experience while delivering a food and beverage solution with accuracy, synergy and fluid efficiency.

Treble successfully activates DHL fan park at Cape Town Sevens

Treble Group executed a highly successful activation of the DHL area at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Tournament held in Cape Town on the 10th and 11th of December 2016. The activation campaign kicked off with a DHL Sevens Ticket Giveaway which involved remote controlled DHL branded racing cars which approaching unsuspecting members of the Cape Town public, surprising them with tickets to the Sevens Rugby Tournament  The area attracted myriads of fans through a variety of activities catering to both adults and children. Some of the innovative exercises included a bobbing heads lip sync challenge, remote controlled cars on a mini race track, the mechanical ball stand and the massage area.

The DHL activation area was brought to life using a branded inflatable castle and a branded cubicle which ensured that the DHL area was impossible to miss.

The bobbing heads lip sync challenge was one of the highlights of the activation due to its originative nature. The bobbing heads lip sync challenge required people to lip sync a song of their choice inside the cubicle. The faces of the participants would appear on a screen outside the cubicle where people on the DHL pavilion could watch the performance. This activity gave both the participants and viewers something to laugh about whilst still ensuring that the Treble achieved maximum presence for the DHL brand.

The massage area was another notably successful aspect of the activation, particularly for the adults. There was a constant flow of people on the DHL couches, enjoying a few minutes of downtime before they returned to the Cape Town Sevens action.

Not only was the DHL area one of the most prominent areas situated on the outer concourse, it was also highly prominent inside the stadium. The stands were filled with personalised DHL branded signs, DHL blow up sticks and DHL branded clappers. Treble’s tactical use of the promoters ensured that there was a constant DHL presence in both the inner and outer concourse of the stadium. The promoters could filter into the crowd and provide supporters with DHL gear before a game, ensuring once again, that DHL was the leading brand at Cape Town Stadium in terms of visibility.

‘The primary objective was to showcase as much visual content for DHL at the event as possible, which was achieved by using strongly branded simulators, mobile pop-up containers and inflatable domes.’ – Monrol Bailey –  Branding, Treble Group.

Treble successfully delivers the Food and Beverage solution for HSBC Cape Town Sevens

After Treble Group was awarded the Food and Beverage Rights for the HSBC Cape Town Sevens Tournament, Treble set about working with a number of stakeholders to implement a food and beverage solution for potentially the biggest sporting event ever held at the iconic Cape Town Stadium.

The event was held over two days, on 12 and 13 December 2015, as the South African leg of the global tournament, and will be held in Cape Town for the very first time.

The World Sevens Series (WSS) is owned by IB Tournaments Limited (IBT), who are responsible for the staging and organisation of the World Sevens Series. The South African Rugby Union (SARU) is responsible for the hosting of the tournament in South Africa. SARU has full ownership and responsibility for the successful delivery of all Event Management, Marketing, Hospitality, Ticketing, Food and Beverage and other Commercial Rights.

Treble was mandated to oversee the entire Food and Beverage solution for the event in the stadium:

“The Treble Events Team experienced a number of key learnings from the event and are well positioned going forward,” said Managing Director of Treble, Kyle Nel.

The Treble team is looking forward to continuing to work closely with SARU on this exciting venture.

Should anyone be interested in discussing a potential Food and Beverage investment around the event, please contact