Why wait till 70?

The Brief

The brief was to create an unusual and totally unique birthday party to celebrate the clients 69th birthday where guests were to be taken on a journey from start to finish.

Our Activation

The Grand Cafe and Beach in Cape Town was selected as the exclusive venue for the party.

Guests entered the party through a revolving psychedelic tunnel where they were led through a journey from one room to the next, unaware of the additional rooms which were revealed throughout the night.

Room One: Jungle Room – Green lush and fun.  Bespoke vinyl was applied to all the windows to enhance the jungle theme.

Room Two: Avatar Room – Blue, fantasy over the top.  The use of LED screen walls, a stage built over the bar and another stage at the end of the room transformed the layout of the room and allowed for multiple types of entertainment.

Room Three: Red Room – Sexy moody night club.  Just when guests thought all the surprises was over, a wall was removed and people entered into a night club with caged dancers, a ceiling full of disco balls and stocking mannequin legs. The Rasta Rebels playing at full volume, this last reveal blew everyone’s minds and took the energy levels to the roof.