In the professional era of sport and entertainment, Treble assists a number of rights holders to develop and structure their commercial programmes, all aligned with providing brands with the marketing elements and tools required to engage with the passion of the fans.  This is the essence of sports marketing and entertainment, where your branding, promotions, experiences and activities are all very targeted to a specific passionate consumer group. Through the association with the team, event and/or individuals, brands can tap into the passion of the end consumers ‘the fan.’

Huw Jones, DHL Western Province Rugby
Treble is the exclusive commercial partner to the DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province rugby teams.

With 17 years of industry experience Treble has a thorough understanding of the South African sporting landscape and a number of relationships with rights holders, corporate brands, media (including broadcasters), city officials and key service providers.

Key to our philosophy is to develop pragmatic solutions for rights holders and clients, where we can realise ‘real value’ from their sponsorships.  Given our full service approach to sports marketing we are in a fortunate position to understand how to structure, market and value each proposal. Further we ensure that rights afforded to the brands are contracted on a professional basis.  We have the experience and capacity within our various teams to develop an activation plan aligned with the rights afforded to the brand’s marketing objectives and budgets to ensure that the full value of the sponsorship is realised.