Today, more than ever before, being digitally savvy is key to getting your message out there. The tricky part is how you do it. Our team of media and communications experts are well versed in harnessing the power of a range of digital channels to put a loudspeaker in your business’s hand and get your message heard.

Springbok Rugby World Cup Countdown
Our Springbok Supporters' Club countdown to the Rugby World Cup – we specialise in activating in the digital space.
Cheslin Kolbe & Layla Cupido
We were inside the action, making Cheslin's proposal to Layla go viral on social media and the web!

Digital Marketing

Let us help you say it digitally with a solid marketing plan that weaves together a range of digital media channels that are perfect for your message. This also includes giving you feedback on the status of your newly implemented strategy and reporting on the results after its conclusion.

Social Media

Time to talk the talk. Let us put your brand’s message on more timelines by using major social media platforms to make you part of the conversation. Our team will take on all the day-to-day aspects of managing your social media presence, from writing targeted content to sourcing images and branding them with your company’s artwork.

But that’s not where our job ends. Everything we do is informed by the latest social media strategies and insights. By combining these with specialised content we go beyond increasing likes, but aim to better organic engagement with your brand and increase your social media traffic.

Boktown Montecasino
We trended #BokMagic with creative social media boosting, like these giant hashtag banners at Boktown Montecasino.
Treble Website Management
Treble stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, keeping our websites modern and accessible.

Website Management

Make sure your online home is at its best. Our team can create contemporary websites that look stunning, are user friendly and a breeze to manage thanks to easy-to-use content management systems. We’ll also look after your new website’s layout and development, and manage content after it’s gone live.

It gets busy out there. So rise above the noise by having us review and rewrite your website content to boost your search engine presence by implementing a range of analytic tools and content strategies.

Mass Mail Management

By employing the best email practises, we can create mass mail campaigns that don’t end up in the trash folder. This includes conceptualising and creating template designs, cleaning up and managing subscriber email lists, spam management and getting you into the inboxes of potential subscribers.

Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk
Our mass mail campaign for the Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk speaks to over 30 000 participants.
Pat Lambie, Boktown Video
Pat Lambie gives a shoutout to the Springbok Supporters in Treble Media's 'Thank You from the Springboks' video.

Video Production

We don’t just shoot, we create. Our in-house film crew uses their combined experience in the industry to expertly cover any small or large event and to produce a wide range of video content at a blistering speed. This includes seeing to every step of production, from concept development and storyboarding to filming and editing. We are also experts at leveraging sponsorship content through accidental exposure and strategic logo placement.