Promoting Water Safety

The month of December brings with it the peak of the summer holidays, which is why Lifesaving South Africa (LSA) and their partners have been busy promoting Water Safety on our beaches, swimming pools and waterways.

This push for growing awareness around Water Safety has seen Treble managing and running LSA’s social media campaign with daily water safety tips and advice – a series of videos – as part of their partnership with DHL.

Our team has been managing several Water Smart presentations across various beaches and pools in South Africa at the beginning of this month. This includes important social behavioural tips around water throughout December – always a busy time where drowning is common.

With the lifesaving community being SA’s No 1 authority on drowning prevention, their key focus is creating awareness of the drowning statistics that show of the 1 500 people who drown every year, half of those are under the age of 14.

LSA is promoting Water Safety with a number of initiatives throughout the summer  – all within strict Covid-19 regulations –in which they have produced a series of Water Safety videos. These videos depict various water danger scenarios like how to stay calm when getting caught in a current or rip tides, and other important safety tips that can help to save lives.

LSA’s lifeguards are on duty every day from 9am till 6pm with voluntary lifeguards are the weekends and public holidays – many of which are on some of South Africa’s finest beaches. They perform a duty that saves lives on a daily basis and they sacrifice their time and holidays to keep South Africans and international visitors safe from the ever-present danger that swimming in water can bring.

So remember to swim where the lifeguards are on duty and to always stay alert and listen to their instructions whenever conditions change. The lifeguards are there to ensure your water safety.