DHL Feeds a Million

Our valued client, DHL, the global leader in express logistics, supported two iconic food distribution charities, FoodForward SA and Mother Soup, as part of its goal to prepare and deliver a combined total of 1 000 000 meals to various communities in need by December.

DHL realised the devastating consequences the Pandemic was having to food security across South Africa and wanted to help communities by assisting reputable charities distributing food across the country by donating DHL volunteer time and money to the causes.

Treble investigated the different charities working across the country to see which ones would accomplish DHL’s ultimate objective to provide at least one million meals and allow DHL staff to volunteer their time in a safe and secure environment. An impressive combined total of 1,056,418 meals were prepared and delivered to communities in need across South Africa.

“We enjoyed every minute of getting to know and work with the representatives from FoodForward SA and Mother Soup,” says Megan Collinicos, VP Marketing, DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa. “Their passion for their work and helping those in need is clearly visible and truly inspiring.  We are not surprised by the impressive total number of meals that have been prepared to date.  Hard work and dedication reap rewards.  We are proud to support these two initiatives and are really excited to enter the final stretch of the campaign.”

“We are thankful to both DHL and its employees for the selfless support that they have shown FoodForward SA.  It’s been an absolute pleasure showing them the ropes as volunteers.  Their eagerness to get to know more about what we do and how they can help is heart-warming and really appreciated. We were motivated more than ever to reach DHL’s goal by December.”