Treble activates the Club Newland Coaching Clinic 2015

The Club Newlands Coaching Clinic 2015 kicked off on Wednesday 1 July, until Friday 3 July. Our programme is aimed at helping to shape the future of rugby here in the Western Cape. It was an incredible 3 days and the future rugby stars loved every minute of it.

The Club Newlands Coaching Clinic guided the kids through basic rugby skills, informed them about injury prevention and provided fun and entertainment during the school holiday period.

The Club Newlands team extended an invitation to 10 kids from the Durbanville Children’s Home; who provide a safe haven for children and help to protect them from physical and emotional abuse. The kids soaked up the opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed playing rugby, learning new skills and making new friends.

All 140 kids tried and tackled the 3 days head on and completed the Club Newlands Coaching Clinic with flying colours. Congratulations to our talented young rugby stars.

A special thank you to Cheslin Kolbe and Jurie Van Vuuren for joining us at the award ceremony on the final day of our Coaching Clinic. You were truly the cherry on top of an amazing experience for the kids.

We would like to thank our valued Club Newlands sponsors for your generous contribution toward the success of the 2015 Club Newlands Coaching Clinic: DHL, Land Rover, Peninsula Beverage Company, Spur and OLA.

We look forward to a bigger and better Club Newlands Coaching Clinic in 2016!