Africa As One

1 Billion People. 50 000 km. 45 countries. Together with DHL Express, we’re uniting Africa and rugby fans as one.

In the build up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, the Treble Group are helping DHL Express to pioneer a unique journey throughout Africa, driving 3 Land Rovers through 45 countries over 45 weeks. The aim of this project is to deliver rugby to Africa and Africa to the rugby world and uniting the fans as one.

In each country, the team has spread the love of the game through activations such as rugby clinics and rugby fun days with around 200 to 400 adults and children in attendance. We have travelled to 18 countries so far and there are 27 more amazing countries to inspire and unite through the love of rugby.

“It’s the one stop rugby shop” says Louise Otter, our Treble Group representative and the team captain, when describing the activations in each African country. Children are able to experience the game first hand and just have fun whilst learning valuable life skills.

Louise has described the experience as being the most incredible thing she has ever done. Each week she has met new people, inspired the youth, uncovered weird and wonderful cultures, seen breathtaking views and received amazing hospitality. Her highlights are “I love giving the kids bags and stationary and getting a cuddle. Being on the road and seeing places most people will never get to see, as they are so remote, is awesome.  The challenge each week of organising a function in a different country is a nice personal achievement as well as getting the team to each country by road.”

The team has arrived at the Réunion Island this week and we wish them all the best for the last leg of their great trek through Africa. Continue to inspire and unite.