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WP Rugby have appointed Treble Group as their exclusive commercial agency

Treble have been appointed as WP Rugby’s Exclusive Commercial Agents, and have a clear mandate to review and shape all the commercial opportunities across the WP Rugby teams, and the respective programmes.

Commenting on their appointment, Selwyn Lewis, Chairman of Treble Group, said: “We are delighted to partner with the most successful Rugby Union in South Africa’s history, and we look forward to bringing huge additional commercial value to the Union”.
Kyle Nel, Managing Director of Treble Group, said: “These are exciting times as Treble has the ability to bring innovative thinking as we shape opportunities and tailor-make them for potential partners to WP Rugby.”

This was evident in the recent association between Land Rover and WP Rugby. Treble consolidated a number of existing arrangements to give Land Rover a unique offering across all the key components of WP Rugby, from the WP Rugby Institute, right through to the senior teams. This afforded Land Rover exclusivity, a clear positioning and a strong association with WP Rugby.


Treble undertakes and manages the following for WP Rugby:

1.     Sponsorship and Supplier Opportunities

·         DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province

·         WP Rugby Institute

·         WP Rugby School of Excellence

·         WP Rugby – Club Rugby Competitions

·         Platinum Patron Programme

2.     All stadium vending of food and beverages

·         DHL Newlands bars

·         Club Newlands, the Official Supporters Club of DHL Stormers and DHL WP

Treble has the ability to shape an offering for you, with new and innovative thinking, and a team to ensure that your partnership is brought alive.