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Rugby season kicks off at the DHL Newlands Stadium

The Treble team after months of planning helped DHL and WP Rugby kick off the Super Rugby home leg with a bang at the DHL Newlands Rugby stadium in a game between the DHL Stormers and the Chiefs.

DHL Stormers supporters were welcomed to the stadium by the colourful DHL Minstrels entertaining the crowd. Accompanying the energetic atmosphere were mass DHL promo handouts in and around the stadium.

Fireworks lit the DHL Newlands Rugby stadium as the DHL Stormers erupted onto the field. Other exciting activations organised by Treble included a new giant DHL flag in the stadium, a plane flyover and the vivacious DHL cheerleaders delivered onto the field by DHL vans.

Treble Group now proudly manages the running of all bar and food vendors at the DHL Newlands Rugby Stadium. We have provided new and improved food and beverage options ensuring efficient and quality service options to all game goers.